2018 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trip to San Diego, California (4) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴加州圣地亚哥福音之旅(四) 


2018 FTTA Gospel Trips

Report  and  Prayer  Burdens  7

January  26,  2018

NORTH  AMERICA:  Southwest  San  Diego,  CA

January 24

Praise  the  Lord  for  what  He  is  doing  in  MiraCosta  College!  Being  a  two-­‐year  school,  many  students  are

commuters,  but  the  Lord  is  sovereign  to  grant  us  some  sons  of  peace  to  receive  the  Bible  and  the  Lord.

 Statistics  from  today  at  MiraCosta  College:

35  Bibles  handed  out

30  Basic  Elements  booklets  were  handed  out

140  Tracts  were  passed  out

40  were  contacted,  given  that  the  conversation  lasted  more  than  30  seconds

21  signed  up  for  further  contacts

7  received  the  Lord!

We  then  transitioned  back  to  San  Diego.  For  the  next  two  days,  we  are  planning  to  visit  San  Diego  State  University  (SDSU)  and  blend  with  the  saints  in  district  4  (southern  part  of  San  Diego)  and  Chula  Vista.

Please  pray  for:

  • The Lord’s strengthening  of  the  local  saints  in  Chula  Vista  and  San  Marcos  to  follow  up  with  the

contacts  that  they  got  from  past  three  days.

  • Lord’s opening of  the  SDSU  students  for  the  furtherance  of  His  testimony  on  the  campus.
  • The blending  of  the  saints  in  district  4  and  in  Chula  Vista  with  the  trainees.

Source: http://beseeching.org/

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