Lord’s Table Meeting and Love Feast in the Church of Chuncheon, Korea 韩国春川召会擘饼聚会及爱筵


图片中可能有:7 位用户、微笑的用户、一群人站着、植物和户外

图片中可能有:2 位用户

图片中可能有:4 位用户、一群人坐着、一群人站着和室内

图片中可能有:2 位用户、室内

图片中可能有:2 位用户、一群人坐着和室内

图片中可能有:8 位用户、微笑的用户、一群人坐着、食物和室内


Day 4: Lord’s Table Meeting and Love Feast in Chuncheon

Our first table meeting in Korea was especially touching. Language was not a barrier at all for our spirits were one in Christ!
– via Christians at Sam

Source: https://www.facebook.com/churchnews/photos/pcb.1939589166062988/1939587259396512/?type=3&theater

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