GTCA 2012 Target Cities

Fifteen cities will be targeted for ongoing care and labor in 2012. These cities have been selected based on local burdens and their proximity to nearby churches.

GTCA 2011 December Update—Dec 23, 2011 (6:23)

If you want to labor on any of these cities, please contact the churches near the city you are burdened for to enter into a coordinated labor.

Here is the list of coordinating brothers and contact information for each city.

City Local Contact Phone Email
Bellingham Mark Raabe 206-396-4741
Bellingham Tom Franks 360-961-7763
Birmingham Vern Smathers 404-667-5436
Birmingham Jerry Hyman 678-717-9717
Bloomington Ken Mooney 847-274-4175
Chapel Hill Joel Erickson 919-824-0541
Chapel Hill Jim Rosa 704-794-4736
Chattanooga Tom Adkins 901-672-2641
Chattanooga Phil Reifinger 714-858-0228
Conway Randy Pastor 501-350-7071
Flagstaff Hermon Mak 623-399-7675
Grand Rapids Floyd McNutt 734-276-6774
Grand Rapids Campbell Watterworth 616-901-5775
Greeley Bryan Karr 303-931-2744
Knoxville Jim Keller 865-693-3290
Knoxville Mike Graham 865-206-7716
Lincoln Greg Paff 402-580-1041
Lincoln Blane Case 402-770-7989
Manhattan Len Lawson 816-213-6727
Manhattan Randy Wharton 678-886-7741
Manhattan Moses Cho 213-700-2107
Omaha Gary Evans 402-770-2627
Omaha Jon Kernen 402-707-4445
Providence Lee Champagne 401-835-7345
San Luis Obispo Ken James 303-524-4630
State College Richard Bain 609-234-8171

(XLS: Local Brothers Contact – 2012)