Pray for the gospel move in Springfield, Missouri

Praise the Lord! We are so glad to know that Springfield, Missouri is one of the suggested target cities in US and Canada []. Any saint/s with whom we can have fellowship or contact? Amen! Thank you very much!

Ways to Participate

To carry out this burden, there is the need for every member of the Body to participate. All of the saints are encouraged to participate in these ways:


In order for the Lord to carry out an unprecedented move in America, much and thorough prayer is needed. Pray for the Lord’s move in America, specifically for people’s hunger and thirst to increase, the advance of the Lord’s testimony, and the raising up of churches across this continent.


Your giving will help provide for the hundreds of thousands of free Bibles, ministry books, and other materials that will be distributed in the U.S. and Canada for the increase and spread of the Lord’s testimony. Find out ways to participate by giving by going here.


The basic unit of participation is vital groups and churches. Any group of burdened saints can coordinate with churches to care for a city. Please contact the locality that is near the city you are burdened for to labor together with the saints.