Encourage testimonies in Birganj, Bangladesh

Sept 7- 12th Report

Video Clip on Birganj Surronding

Video Clip on Lord’s move in Birganj, Bangladesh

Wonderful Testimonies:

1. One brother from Hindu background, until now he’s already stayed in the church life for one year, he shared that he thank God for sending His only begotten Son for our sin, to make us sons of God;

2. One college student, he shared, his whole family from his birth already stayed in the denomination, but during his life, no one cared for his life especially spiritual life like us, and during the enjoying of the church life among this one year, he really touched by our shepherding and teaching concerning how to contact God in a living way.

3. One brother shared that he love the church life in the Lord’s recovery, he said in our meeting he realized that God as Spirit is in him.

Such the testimony really encourage us.

Sep3-6 Lord’s Move to Bangladesh Birganj from MSW on Vimeo.

Sep3-6 Lord’s Move to Bangladesh Birganj from MSW on Vimeo.

Praise the Lord for His move through His constanting and instanting speaking in the Spirit. May the Lord strengthen the expression of the testimony of His church in Birganj area.

Please pray for Bangladesh:

1. Weekly Training in brother’s house and sister’s house.

2. Sep 9-13, one week meeting with the students in the northern part- Birganj area.