Propagation in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Judges 5:15-16 …There were great resolutions in heart. …There were great searchings of heart.

Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace,He had lead us pass through 8 days in Chittagong.Now we already  back to Dhaka. We had a wonderful blending with brothers in Chittagong brother house.

In these 8 days, we practice the corporate life: in the early morning we have the morning revival, in the afternoon we sing the hymn and night time we read the Bible together. Although they have class,they have a pursuing heart want to know the Lord,the Bible and learn the spiritual things. And although every day  they need spend 4 hours by train go and back , they very glad to practice the corporate life and stay in brother house. They treasure the brother house very much.
Three matters encourage us:
First, 5 brothers from Chittagong university, they diligently study, they pursue the Lord and pay the price enter into the truth.
Second, this new brother house just was established one month.They can love each other and love us very much. In the brother house, daily life is very simple, but whole day we enjoy the Lord very much.
Third, 8 brothers from three areas: Khagrachhari, Rangamati and Bandarban, now they stay in Chittagong, these four areas are continued one province. All the brothers have the burden want to bring the Lord’ recovery to their hometown, make the people know the truth. This is the Lord prepare the way and open the door for His move in this province.

During these 8 days, we also watched the testimony of Howard.Through this video may the Lord gain these young people like brother Howard.