Recent visitation to the Church in Guam and Saipan

The church in Guam has around 15 saints but all of them are middle aged and above. They do have two new ones, young sisters, who are not yet baptized. They are meeting in the home of P and M Kao, an older couple from Taiwan. The saints are Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Guamanian. So although the church is small, they have multiple languages in their meetings. They are in the up to date ministry but they need more visitation and blending.

The church in Saipan began in 1998 when a Korean-speaking group turned to the way of the Lord’s recovery through a visit to the church in Seoul. This is also a small church of around 20 saints including Korean-speaking, Chinese-speaking, And English-speaking. However, they also have around 20 children and young people. They also have a very nice meeting hall which was built before they came to the Lord’s recovery. They are also in the up to date ministry but they need more visitation and blending.

The saints on these two islands, part of the Northern Marianas Islands, do know each other and blend among themselves. It is a 40 minute plane ride from Guam to Saipan.

In Him,

An encourage message shared on FB:

A small US territory in the pacific. Today was my first day joining them in the Lord’s Day table mtg. So sweet! I am a filipino Guamanian from the Church in Seattle, WA 2000-2011. Returned to Guam in 2011 my home where I grew up. I didn’t know there was a church here until today. I cried when I saw the morning revival book and hymn book. So sweet. – M.A.H