Joyful visitation to Myanmar & FTT Yangon

The church meeting hall in Yangon, up the stairs to the 8th floor for a blending meeting. There were saints visiting from China, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, and the U.S. Each of the saints gave their name and said a little about themselves. The Lord’s move in this area was very evident in all the sharing.
FTTY (Yangon) which is actually in the country outside a little village. They have 64 trainees plus another, maybe 10, others involved serving in some way. Probably most don’t have more than an elementary education, but they are consecrated and will be useful to the Lord in this country. I took a good number of pictures. The local saints, of course, know K.M’s family well and were greatly encouraged in my visiting them.

This November they will be graduating their 13th class from the FTTY and then they will be having a gospel sowing trip.

Today we visited the Myanmar Gospel Book Room where they do the translation, printing, and some sale of books. They sell the RcV New Testament and some of the books through the local Bible Society.

Brother Dispenser and I have seen the Lord’s sovereignty in bringing us here. He was debating until the end of August whether he would come with me. But sovereignly, due to a flight booking problem for his return to Columbus, he had to stay in the Bay Area over the Labor Day weekend. Then he got to meet some saints from Myanmar who are now meeting in the churches, and one sister in particular, Thelma, who was also planning to be in Myanmar with her husband, James, during this time. That encouraged him to make the trip with me.

In the Christ,