Visiting Amana bookroom in gurgaon dehli

Economy of God in 7 major Indian languages in Amana books:
English, Hindi,Tamil Malayalam ,Telugu , Marathi , Mizo.

With Amana books Samson and Palmeichung in resturant. Gurgaon

Amanabooks., in Hyderbad, some ministry books sold outside,
English– all inclusive Christ , Telugu ….
The following books are sold in Calvary Temple.
Books in Telugu:
1.Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures, 2.Glorious Church, 3.Prayer ministry of the church, 4.Orthodoxy of the church, 5.Mystery of
Christ, 6.Knowledge of Life, 7.Tree of Life, 8. Overcoming Life, 9. Song of Songs, 10. Spiritual Man Vol.1
Some other English titles also are there.
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Dinner with serving brothers in Guragon Dehli