Share concerning Lord’s blessing in Bangladesh

We are so joyful to share concerning Lord’s blessing in Bangladesh.

Matthew 25:16 immediately he who had received the five talents went and traded with them and gained another five.
17 Similarly, he who had received the two gained another two.

During Oct 16th-23rd, we had twice gathering in northern town-Birganj- of Bangladesh. Totally there were 23 college and high school students attended our meeting and 3 baptized. There are two things we’re experiencing The Lord’s blessing a lot:

1. From Oct 16th-19th, there are 18 students, among them 8 students (5 are gospel friends) brought by 2 brothers who attended our meeting last month. This time I encouraged the 2 brothers to share the gospel to their friends by themselves. Praise the Lord! Immediately they stood up, one shared John 3 the instance of Nicodemus, concerning the matter of regeneration; another shared Romans 10:13 concerning the way to be saved, and in the end one more brother shared the mystery of human life according to Genesis 1:26. Their preaching made me enjoy so much, after meeting 3 students both came from Hindu background moved into the Kingdom of God! What a blessing that New Man practicing on the New Way.

2. From Oct 20th-23rd, another brother with 4 students attended our meeting. This brother also attended our meeting last month, and after he went back to his village, he shared a lot concerning what he heard and saw to his neighbors and friends in his around his village. This month through brothers visited his village, 22 people in his village received baptism. Such the news encouraged us so much. After meeting, some serving brothers and I, both of us have burden, next time when we go to Birganj, we’ll visit this brother’s village. May the Lord strengthen His testimony there.

Present Situation in Bangladesh:
From Oct 24th until next Feb the new government form, the whole Bangladesh will be in anarchy.

Please pray for Bangladesh that a “Cyrus” can be rise up for building His Church, also may the unique Flow of the Ministry spread to whole Bangladesh.

In Christ