Lord’s move in Islamabad, Parkinstan

Praise the Lord, for everything He did in Islamabad.
First of all, we thank  the Lord has prepared a group of brothers and sisters whom love Him out of a  pure heart,we can together pursue righteousness,faith ,love,peace with them.these saints everyday have morning revival  with us  in early morning ,pray- read the bible everyday.
Ephesians 4:12  For the perfecting of the saints unto the work of the ministry, unto the building up of the Body of Christ.
Our burden is not merely  preaching the gospel to the people,but perfecting the saints, so everything we did is focus on” people “not focus on meeting . teaching the faithful ones to do the same thing which we did.    we are so joyful that in the past two weeks,  the local saints pick up the burden to share messages to their neighbors and friends,  there were 3 brothers and 5 sisters (in three families) got baptized, we praise the Lord that they are  not stop here,they continually pick up burden to pray for them, shepherd them for building up the Body of Christ.
On 27th October we had a blending meeting. through this blending meeting ,we with the saints experienced that Christ is head of the Body,head over all things . on 27th morning when we got up, outside was raining and thundering.it seem like for blending in outside (in the park) is impossible, saints do have a strong willing for blending, so brothers and sisters prayed  in one accord,nothing  can frustrate us ,nothing can separate us from the body of Christ.we just went out by faith.eventually Lord released the weather.  everyone got peace and  rejoice.
in this meeting ,there were  31 brothers and sisters including children attended ,in the meeting everyone prepared  3 to 5 minutes  prophecy.they shared what they enjoyed in the past month,we are so encouraged by their sharing and testimony.