Update of Lord’s move in Africa

After the spreading of the gospel
to the continent of Africa in the
first century, the Lord began
His present recovery on the
continent in the early 1970s.
From that time until now, the
Lord’s recovery has advanced,
gaining ground in 16 countries
with over 3800 saints giving
themselves to take the way of
the Lord’s present, up-to-date
recovery. Nevertheless, the
Lord desires to go further.
The gospel of grace has been
preached in a thorough way on
the continent of Africa but in
His present recovery, the Lord
desires to propagate the
interpreted word and to spread
the gospel of the kingdom in a
prevailing way on such a vast continent.

Comprised of 54 nations, there
are about one billion people on
the continent of Africa.
Through the prayer of the
Body, the Lord will release and
propagate Himself as the
resurrection power on the
continent to produce and build
up the churches in Africa for
the Lord’s kingdom on the

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Greetings from saints in Africa !


If you would like to participate, financially, in the Lord’s move on the continent of Africa, you may do so through one of the following ways:


At the present time LMAF accepts online donations via credit or debit card and by direct bank transfer, also called Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer through EFT Corporation. Both one-time and recurring donations can be given through this website.

A processing fee of between 2.2% and 2.9% will be charged for donations given by credit or debit card. Significantly higher fees will be charged for credit or debit cards issued by banks outside the USA.

One-time and recurring donations by ACH transfer can be given through EFT Corporation only. This kind of donation transfers funds directly from your checking or savings account to LMAF. A small transaction fee of under $0.50 is charged regardless of the amount donated. For larger donations, to minimize the processing fees, we recommend that you consider giving through ACH. Note: For ACH transactions, the originating bank must be in the USA.

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Mail Check to:
The Church in Diamond Bar
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Make checks payable to: the Church in Diamond Bar, with a memo: Africa Work

Please do not mail offerings to our bank,
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