Prayer burdens of Europe (week of 10 November 2013)

1) Conference and trainings in London
Please pray for the release of the Lord’s fresh and up-to-date speaking, and the effect of this
speaking on the practical living of the saints, at the following conference and trainings:
• Autumn University Students Conference in London, UK (22-24 November)
• One-week trainings in London, UK (28 October—30 November)
2) Conferences in Europe
• Conference in Brussels, Belgium (16-17 November)
• Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, for the Iberian Peninsula (6-8 December). Please pray that the
Lord will bring a good number of seeking ones for the raising up of His testimony in Lisbon.
3) The Lord’s testimony in Madrid, Spain
Please pray for the Lord to have a breakthrough in Madrid, with an increase in life and number to
gain the vessels that He needs for a strong expression in the capital city of Spain.
4) Seminar in London for ministry recipients
Please continue to pray that the seeking ones who attended the one-day seminar in London on
November 2 will be captivated by the vision of the divine romance and the building of God as
portrayed in Genesis and Revelation and will willingly give themselves to the Lord for the fulfillment of
this vision in the practical church life.
5) The Lord’s move in Bulgaria
Please pray that the saints who attended the conference held in Sofia on 11-13 October will go on
to receive a governing vision of God’s eternal purpose and economy and will be burdened to
pursue the Lord and be His testimony in Bulgaria.
6) Work on the university campuses in Europe
Please continue to pray for the contacting and shepherding of the students on the university
campuses in Europe.
7) The Lord’s move in countries of the former Yugoslavia
Please pray that the Lord will continue to move in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and the remaining
countries of the former Yugoslavia and raise up lampstands in many cities.
8) Continuing distribution of ministry publications and shepherding of seeking ones
Please pray:
• For the radio broadcasts in the UK and Spain and the continuing distribution of the New
Testament Recovery Version and other free ministry publications in all the European languages.
• For the shepherding of the seeking ones and their entering into the church life.