There are 17 Local Churches in Nigeria, Africa

I n N i g e r i a ,

there are 17 local
c h u r c h e s a n d
about 9 other
cities where there are saints. Twice a year, the churches
hold conferences in Nigeria. These times have been
both a supply and an opportunity for the saints in
Nigeria and Benin to come together and blend under
the up-to-date speaking of the ministry. In late
December, over 180 saints attended the December
conference. The saints were from Nigeria, Benin, and
Togo representing 12 localities in total. More than 160
saints attended our most recent conference during the
In addition to the times of fresh supply during the
conferences, twice a year, all the responsible ones in
Nigeria gather together to blend and to be perfected by
the ministry. From January 20–22, 2012, 56 responsible
ones gathered in the city of Port Harcourt, a city in the
eastern part of Nigeria, to participate in this responsible
ones training. Up to that point, that was the largest
number of brothers the Lord brought together in
Nigeria for such a training. In November 2012, another
such training was held and the Lord brought together
63 brothers from 11 localities; this number was
inclusive of brothers from Nigeria and Cameroon.

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