Prayer burdens from the Church in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Taking Christ as Life to express God and Represent God for the fulfillment of His Purpose
God’s intention in creating man in His image and according to His likeness is that man would receive His as life and express Him in His attributes, and God’s intention in giving man dominion is to subdue His enemy, recover the earth, and exercise His authority over the earth.
—- Banner One of the Crystallization-Study of Genesis
These days we are enjoying the morning revival of the crystallization-study of Genesis (Week 1-Week 5). What a revelation we have in the Lord’s recovery! Many saints are enlightened by the word of this ministry regarding Genesis 1,
even just the messages unfolding one verse-Genesis 1:26. Praise the Lord for His speaking in this age! God created man
in His own image for His expression and in His likeness to represent Him in His authority for His dominion. Through the
death and resurrection of Christ, man may obtain God’s eternal, divine life and by that life be transformed and conformed
to the image of Christ inwardly and transfigured into the likeness of Christ’s glorious body outwardly. Therefore we must
have God as life to us.
On November 1st
Taiwan came and coordinated with the local brothers in sharing six messages concerning about Entering into the Fourth
Stage of the Experience of Life to Arrive at a Full-grown Man for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose. We are brought into
the burden of growing in life and being mature by enjoying Christ in one Spirit.
to 14th
service which Lord Jesus has done in Mark 1:14-45. We proclaimed the gospel, taught the truth with the local saints,
cast out demons with prayer and authority, and healed the sick. We really enjoyed the coordination in the Body of
Christ. During these two weeks, we had 15 minutes corporate pray on Skype every night through which the saints were
strengthened. There are totally 14 being baptized into the Body of Christ. May the Lord continually cherish and nourish
the new believers and also burden the local saints to shepherd them.
Some Malaysia saints came and gave us the training about the holy family life including the relationship between husband
and wife, parents and children, opening the house, and children meeting. Though their testimony our concept was
changed. Parents should practice a holy life at home as the pattern to their children. Parents should enjoy the morning
revival, read the Bible, and pray before going to bed together with children. Parents should accompany with their children
in the children meeting. Their burden is to offer a proper environment for the children so that they can grow normally and cultivate a good character to be the useful vessels and dispensational instruments for the Lord’s second coming. May this
vision can be wrought into all the families for producing the age-turners!
According to the Fellowship, we two couples will move to Jaffna for campus propagation in January, 2014. May the Lord
gain many young people for His move in this country!
1. Pray for the proper house in Jaffna.
2. Pray for the shepherding of the new believers in Kurunegala.
3. Pray for national blending conference on 13th
and 2nd
, there was the national serving ones perfection training held in Colombo. Two saints from
we participated in the two weeks propagation in Kurunegala and experienced the contents of the gospel
– 15th, December in Polonnaruwa.