GTCA- Twenty cities will be targeted for ongoing care and labor in 2014


Twenty cities will be targeted for ongoing care and labor in 2014. These cities have been selected based on local burdens and their proximity to nearby churches. If you want to labor on any of these cities, please contact the churches near the city you are burdened for to enter into a coordinated labor. For further information and updates regarding these cities and current prayer burdens, please, and

Here is the list of coordinating brothers and contact information for each city.

City Local Contact Phone Email
Columbia, SC Rob Bauer 803-781-5228
Edinburg, TX Tym Seay 512-474-8408
Fargo, ND Chad Mathiason 701-318-2719
Fargo, ND Chris Condon 714-391-2839
Fayetteville, AR Danny Bishop 479-856-1010
Fort Myers, FL Alvaro Cossio 239-280-8792
Greeley, CO Bryan Karr 303-931-2744
Lafayette, IN Tom Combiths 317-789-6297
Lexington, KY Paul Yeh 214-403-8882
Lincoln, NE Jonathan Kernen 402-707-4445
Lubbock, TX David Gedeon 682-365-9435
Merced, CA Mark Tung 209-725-8387
Murfreesboro, TN Don Klopfenstein 615-828-5154
Novato, CA Terry Bartek 415-283-8578
Olympia, WA Jim Hannah 253-640-2295
Omaha, NE Jonathan Kernen 402-707-4445
Salem, OR Donald Orwick 503-510-7010
Stillwater, OK Will Davis 405-762-1683
Temecula, CA John Olson 719-322-6262
Virginia Beach/Newport News, VA Paul Niesen 512-925-0776