Concerning the recent situation in Bangladesh

Only in the Body, can we arrive at the full-grown man. Because all the spiritual life and experience are in the Body. –HWMR 2013 ITERO Message 6
We are so blessed that even we are so limited but we are in the Body. Thanks for all of your intercession for the church and saints in Bangladesh.

Concerning the politic situation in Bangladesh, during the recently two weeks, the violence accident between the government and the opposition party are increasing continuously. Around the whole country, there are beyond 100 people died. In order to keep the safety of the duration of election will be held at 5th Jan 2014, the army forces started working as a striking force for 15 days from 26th Dec  to maintain law and order. When I saw the army on the street, it reminds much that in order to put on the whole armor of God, I need to be in the Body and always be alert to against all the work of  devil.

Although being under such situation, but Lord’s word strengthens us very much, then we also enjoy MR with brothers in their house and through internet on Skype. When the Lord’s Day meeting, the saints shared they are so encouraged by the word also by brothers’ visiting.

Concerning the situation in Gazipur-Koanbari, the serving brother Bijoy every Friday comes to our house for Lord’s Table, after meeting we have lunch together. And because of most people are in hometown for vacation, so he invited us to visit Konabari in Jan. Brother’s coming encourages very much.

Also for us, tomorrow morning we will move house to a new apartment.

We enjoy the blending among the church, we are experiencing the strengthening and encouraging from the whole Body. But  at same time, also we need your intercession very much. Please pray for Bangladesh:
1. Please pray for the saints’ enjoyment and exercising being under the current situation.
2. Pray for the perfecting of the
students in Chittagong.
In Christ