The Importance of Africa in The Lord recovery

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The Importance of Africa in The Lord recovery.  By Ronnie Chan

A The first Gentile got saved is an African–Ethiopian eunuch Acts 8:26-39

B In the church of Antioch , 5 brothers serving together ,– Acts 13:

Two of them are African— Simeon called Nigger, Lucius the. Cyrenians,

C The opposer of people of Israel–Ezekiel 38:1-5

— Gog and Magog,( now Russian area)

Helpers of the opposer–1from North. Gomer(Turkey),Beth-togarmah(Turkey)

2 from East. Persia (Iran)

3 from South. Cush (Ethiopia)

4 from East. Put. ( Lybia)

Two of them came from Africa.

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