Concerning the church in Munichwith, Germany

This morning we had a wonderful Lord’s Day meeting in Munichwith about 20 saints in a family’s home. Afterward, several local saints mentioned their

appreciation for both the prophesying and the singing time, which was very enjoyable, full of content, and full of the Spirit! There’s a local brother joining our team this week who came into the church life about three years ago, and has a strong burden to bring other Germans into the church life. His mother (not yet in the church life) hosted our team for dinner tonight,
and our time was very sweet. We spent our evening fellowshipping, coordinating and praying, and his mother’s response to us was very positive and warm. May the Lord continue opening this house and filling it with saints!
Prayer burdens:
For two days we’ll be on university campuses
Ludwig Maximilian University(LMU) and Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Bibles for Europe distribution. Please pray that the weather would be favorable, that many
hungry, open students would come
to the table, and that the Lord would sweep
on these campuses and bring us the sons of peace.
Please pray for the upcoming introductory Bible seminar that we’ll be having on Saturday. Pray that we would have a good turnout from those who have already
received invitations, that some we meet at the table this week would come as
well, and that all who attend would desire to get into the Word, and build up a taste for the opened Word.