Visitation in Goiânia, Brazil 南美巴西

Goiânia, Brazil

1/28-29 In Goiânia, the burden this trip is that we would do many visitations. There are new
ones and many saints’ relatives to encourage. A special part of these home visitations
involves nourishing and encouraging saints who were lost or discouraged by the past turmoil.
Many of them are even the parents or children of the saints here.
In following the pattern and burden of the full-time team in São Paulo, our view is that
consistent visits are a gradual but steadfast way to shepherd them to grow in life, and into the
Body. Many believers we’ve met may have experienced a sweet, even dynamic salvation, but
do not yet see much beyond justification or “God’s purpose for me, for my family.” Our
strategy is just to visit them over and over, ministering life and truth to them in hopes that the
Lord would grant them to see something of His organic salvation and His eternal purpose.
We have also become burdened for the young adults who are giving us hospitality and
driving us everywhere. Many of them are willing and have a heart to serve, though without
many companions their age, it’s difficult for them to go on in a daily way that’s higher than
just “making it to the meetings.” We are praying that each one would be enlivened, and that
they would become vital companions with one another.
Prayer burdens:
• A new one that we’ve met with two times to be baptized and fully added to the
church in Goiânia
• For the Lord would heal and recover the discouraged and backslidden saints