Bucharest, Romania 罗马尼亚布加勒斯特

Bucharest, Romania (1/24)
We arrived in Timisoara, Romania yesterday, and met the dear saints! We then coordinatedabout distributing Recovery Version Bibles at a university in Timisoara. We are veryencouraged to report that when we asked the saints who would be able to make it to the time,two high school students volunteered. Our experience in the distribution today reaffirmedhow open the students are in Romania. Before we could even finish setting up the table, astudent came up to receive a Bible. In 70 minutes, we handed out all the Bibles we hadbrought with us–all 91.One particular highlight was when a very young person, who was just about a head tallerthan our table, came to us asking for a Bible. After reassuring us that he could read and speakEnglish, we told him that he should probably ask his mother first. He went off and we didn’tsee where he went. After we had packed up, and went to a local shop for a treat, he appearedagain saying my mom said yes! He had just come from his English class, and somehow hadfound us. Much to his dismay, we informed him that we had run out of bibles. We told himhe could come back tomorrow and meet us at the same time and place to get a Bible. Hesadly informed us he was not sure if he could make it tomorrow. In the end, a sister on theteam gave him her own Bible that she had received right after she was baptized in 6th grade.
Prayer Burdens:
Pray for the seminar tomorrow where we will be covering “The Meaning of the Christian Life”. Pray that many would be released to come and some would be warm for the saints to contact them further.
• Pray that this young person and many more Bible recipients and their families would be saved, captured by the truth, and be added to the church in Timisoara.
• We will be leaving Timisoara to return to Bucharest tomorrow night on an
overnight train. Please pray for a safe trip.
• Pray for the seminar we will be having in Bucharest on Saturday evening.
Edinburgh, Scotland