Columbia, South Carolina 哥伦比亚南卡罗来纳州

Columbia, South Carolina (1/28)

Due to inclement weather conditions, most of the schools in Columbia were closed today. Regardless, we still went out to the USC campus after our regular prayer and coordination session in the morning. There were very few students walking around, but we still managed to give out a number Bibles and had quite a few positive conversations. In the evening, we had dinner and fellowship at a saint’s house. This was a time of much mutual encouragement, strengthening, and uplifting. Then the snow began to come down! It is predicted that tomorrow will be a snow-filled day.

Prayer burdens:

• The snow would be cleared away in a timely fashion for our Bible seminar to take place this Thursday.

• The Lord would take advantage of this weather to warm up the hearts of the people.

• All the local saints would be encouraged and strengthened to rise up to their full function for the Lord’s move in Columbia.

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 8 – Jan 29, 2014