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We have passed out 140 Bibles at North Dakota State University NDSU, Minnesota State University at Moorehead MSUM, and various places around the city of Fargo usually where we ate that day, and we have 59 contacts to follow up with. Praise the Lord!The somewhat painful process of waiting for a contact to return a call or text has been rewarded by one gospel friend who cannot wait for his now almost daily appointment with the brothers, and who brought a friend to our Saturday night Bible study because she, “had to read this Bible!” Other contacts love the fact that they finally have someone to sit around and study the Word with. Others have prayed that the Lord would restore their joy in their salvation, only to meet one of our team with a message of Christ as satisfaction literally a minute after their prayer. One has even texted us multiple times, concerned that this sweet time with lovers of Jesus would end when we left.However, meeting people is a matter of life, and occasionally life gallops and occasionally life crawls. As one of our full-timers encouraged us, “We are farmers, and we just check on the crops, day by day. It is not always glorious, but it is life, and we must tend to it.” Many seeds have fallen on ground that still requires some plowing and rain, like one of our contacts who, by the Lord’s sovereignty, heard some tragic news at the exact time of our trip. She is not entirely open, but she spoke to us for a good two hours, and seeds were lovingly pressed into her being. We will be interceding on her behalf for the rest of her life. And this is true of all of those here—certainly the students, saints, and people of Fargo have been branded into our hearts, never to be forgotten. As one of the dear serving ones wrote, “I believe that at the eternal feast of tabernacles, when we are remembering all the times we had in the Lord, this will be a time that will hold a dear place in our hearts.” And what a blessing and privilege it has been, dear saints, to be sent by the Lord through your prayers to raise up and encourage the elect in North Dakota.Prayer burdens and thanksgivings:Thank the Lord for the Christians on Campus Club, newly established at NDSU!Thank the Lord for all of the recipients of Bibles, especially those who requested further contactPray for these contacts, that they may be connected with the local saintsPray for the continuation of our bi-weekly Bible Study at NDSUPray for some of the local saints who have not yet fully entered into the church lifePray for the first Lord’s table meeting in Fargo, which will be this coming Lord’s Day!

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