Lexington, KY—Gospel Trip, Days 12-13

Lexington, KY

Our appointments with the students have been so encouraging! Through the praying, fellowshipping, and coordinating with the saints, the Lord has been sovereignly arranging for many students to be able to meet the local saints! From our time together, we will deeply miss the saints and the students the Lord has placed in our hearts.

On February 6, a couple from Beltsville, MD joined us from helping the gospel team in Murfreesboro, TN. Together, we gave out the remainder of our Bibles! We now have about four Bibles left that we used to illustrate how to navigate through the study Bible. This left us with BfA brochures and gospel tracts. Thus, as of February 6, we approximate that we have passed out a total of 510 Bibles and at least 350 tracts.

In our being built together with the saints, the church life is so awesome! In the beginning of this gospel trip, our emphasis was to strengthen the church by being built together with the saints. We have been treasuring our time together.

During last night’s home meeting we enjoyed being shepherded by the Christ in each member. The local saints asked the trainees what we would say is the highlight of this gospel trip. In turn, the trainees asked the local saints what they would say is the highlight of this time.

Harmoniously, from within each of our experiences, we expressed our thankfulness of getting to experience the normalcy of the church life in action, together. Praise the Lord, the church life is so sweet.

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