Lincoln/Omaha, NE—Days 9-12

“After losing contact with a student for days, we became so desperate, especially since today is our last day at UNO. So I sent her a text to meet her one more time before we leave. To be honest, I didn’t see much hope as she never replied to any of our text ever since last Friday, but the Lord is gracious and faithful! As I became more and more restless, she showed up. She came to our table and asked, “Can I meet with you guys?” So we had lunch together and she opened up saying, “I realized I just need to see you guys. I am so stressed out.” She has been preparing to move into another apartment off-campus on top of her graduate study and part-time job. She told us, “I am so anxious. And I haven’t been sleeping well.” Then we found out that she actually didn’t get our text until two days later. As a result, she regretfully missed all our activities during the weekend. But we were thinking that she was not open to further contact and became hesitant to text her more, lest she would feel being pushed. But praise the Lord! Through prayer she got reconnected with us and became more open. She opened up her practical problems and our relationship extends from Bible and truth discussion to cherishing and relationship building. “I have been so anxious recently. But every time I am with you guys I have so much peace and joy,” she said in tears. Prayer works!”

Another student testified that every time after meeting with us, he was attacked by the enemy to the point that he felt being pulled apart. Two other student contacts left their cell phone for a whole day and couldn’t communicate with us in a timely way. Pray that the Lord will bind His enemy and fully release all the sons of peace!

Another highlight of our gospel work at UNO is from the application of the principle of “one more.” According to a local serving one, as we are about to finish our gospel outreach, we should try to talk to one more person, whom many times can be a son of peace. This was exactly what happened. At the end of the day, we talked to a girl and introduced the Recovery Version Bible to her. We learned that she just got baptized on January 26 and she spent the whole night yesterday searching on Amazon for a good Bible. The 5 minute talk turned out to be a 2-hour appointment. We shared with her about the church and the Body life through verses in Ephesians. She was very touched and opened up her personal and family situation. Pray that the Lord will bring her and her mom fully into the church life and save her dad.

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