Internship in MSW office during previous winter break of FTTA

2014 Intern in MSW (Mainland China Scholar Work) office
In preparing the statistics report for MSW office, I was impressed by the 84% increase in the number of Chinese students coming to the U.S these three years yet there is only 22% increase in the number of students get baptized and stay in the church life. It really shows that our work cannot match God’s fast-speed move today. But during a special fellowship for college students in the Chinese-speaking conference, we were so encouraged to see about 200 students consecrating themselves to come to the FTTA in these coming 4 years. And the next day it was announced that FTTA will move to the new facilities on the LSM campus this fall. Praise the Lord for His all-sufficient supply. I deeply feel that the Lord couldn’t wait! He is so ready to come back! He has widely opened the way for us to bring Him back! We pray that many many young people will consecrate themselves to come to the training, to fill the new building!

All in all, I am so thankful that the Lord plans my interim. All these experiences really enlarge my heart to care and participate in God’s move on the earth. Many times I have to come to Him and tell Him I cannot do it. I am so limited and so weak. But every time He supplied me with Himself and helped me to build up a deeper relationship with Him. Even though this interim is not as easy as I expected, I am glad that I had a lot of intimate conversations with the Lord and I didn’t waste a single day without touching Him. It’s so sweet to be co-worker of God. He has His plan, He has His way, and we just need to present ourselves, offer our cooperation, and let Him accomplish what He has initiated. Praise the Lord!

Grace be with you all.