Lord’s glorious move in Bangladesh.

Praise The Lord for His glorious move in Bangladesh.

From Feb 26th to Mar 4, Brother Lee Sung Haa and Boaz Park stayed in northern city Birganj. During the one week, brothers visited 12 villages, preached gospel to 550 people, 31 among them were baptized. Also the encouraging thing is three new local churches were established in three villages: Bramon vita, Singrha, Mahatab pur. After that there was a serving one meeting with 30 people gathering.

Mar 6 from South Korea, four brothers came for cooperating Lord’s move in Bangladesh. Br. Amos Park, Paul Jun, Han Yong Jun and Br. Kim Jun Sik. In the same day brothers visited Satkhira area.

During Mar 7-10 brothers visited Satkhira and surrounding places. Brothers preached to 200 people among 5 villages, most are Hindu background and first time heard the gospel. Eventually there are 22 baptized, and one new local church declared in Hatbus village with 40 people gathering.

10th Mar afternoon, brothers moved to Khulna area. But road there is bumpy. Please pray for gospel and churches rising up in Khulna area.

10th Mar, there was a meeting in Khulna area one local responsible Bro. Tonpon house with 30 people, 15 are university students.

11th by boat, brothers visited Andola village and preached to 70. After that brothers visited Sundarbans area with a hired security gun man. That is a Biosphere Reserve. There are 500 Bengal tigers, 200 crocodiles, 100,000 deer.

Afternoon brothers went to Dangi village and preached to 30 people. Here is a downstream place of the river, every year people here they suffer the flood.

12th Brothers came to Gani Nogol village , 200 people from 5 villages in Khulna area attended gospel meeting. This is a new contacting place. Please pray that The Lord would rise up testimony here.

13th-14th Mar brothers held a conference in Khulna. The title is “Christ and the Church”. 120 people from 11 villages enjoyed the conference. Most are denomination people. Brothers had a strong and clear sharing and people also response strongly .

14th Mar Evening from Mongla to Dhaka, it took 10.hours.

Praise The Lord for His attractive and powerful move in Bangladesh. Also it’s a great blessing that we experienced The Lord strengthen His move in Bangladesh through His whole Body co-ordination.

Please Pray for the urgent burden:
1. Pray for gospel move to Silet from Mar 24th-31st.
2. Pray for young people shepherding and perfecting in Birganj 22nd Mar-5th Apr.