International Blending Conference London, UK

The church in London warmly extends an invitation to all the churches to participate in the forthcoming international conference to be held here from 18th to 20th April 2014.

Please note that the enclosed information regarding the conference has been updated and should be read thoroughly, particularly the sections related to children and young people, and transport.

The schedule of the meetings will be as follows:

Friday 18th April Meeting 1 10.30 am
Meeting 2 2.00 pm
Saturday 19th April Meeting 1 10.30 am
Meeting 4 2.00 pm
Lord’s Day 20th April Meeting 5 10.00 am
Meeting 6 2.00 pm

The meetings will be held at Bower House and information concerning registration, accommodation, children’s meetings, transport and how you can serve before and during the conference is listed below ALL SAINTS WHO WISH TO ATTEND MUST REGISTER. There is a registration donation of £15 each (ages 12 and above).

The church in London will be able to give some hospitality and we ask that all requests for hospitality reach us by 26th March 2014.

Registration will take place via an online form. This is crucial for helping us to plan for the conference. If you are not able to register online please ask the coordinating saints in your area to assist you. There is a registration donation of £15 each (ages 12 and above).

Click here for online registration
Please pray that the Lord would richly bless this time together.

Yours in His recovery,

The church in London