Recent gospel & campus work in Jaffna

Dear brothers and sisters.

Praise the Lord for the campus work in Jaffna, in the month of March we go out to contact students every afternoon, because of the campus environment we can’t come inside and just contact them outside, in the shops, restaurant nearby campus and some playground where the students usually go. This month we totally met about 80 students and also took their phone numbers, out of 80, 30 are willing to be visited again, some ones called upon the name of the Lord, and sisters had already have Bible study with 3 new contacts for 2 times, may the Lord gain them by His living word.

Among all the contacts Christians are more open to us, unbelievers are not easy because of their deep religious background. We indeed should pray for them desperately so that they can be released from the authority of darkness, and turn to the living and true God.

There is one brother in Jaffna who is working for university organization as a fulltimer for some years, last year he came to know the Lord’s recovery, and he was touched by the church life very much, recently he is struggling for retiring from organization, we hope that he can turn to us and to be our coordinator for the campus work, may the Lord gain him.

Prayer request:

The door of gospel in the university of Jaffna can be opened widely, and many young people may have a seeking heart for meaning of human life and true God.

Much Grace be with you

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