Greeting from the brother in Bangladesh 孟加拉國

Thanks for all of your intercessions in one Spirit for the Lord`s move in Bangladesh.
first I want to introduce  Gazipur`s stuation.Bro Bento came to Dahka. His hometown`s Bros worked in a Factory that was in Gazipur.Even though They are Christian,but they have not meeting.Bro Bento introduced them to us .So we found them.last time ten brothers came to Bro Park`s home,and we had a meeting together.after they came back they had a meeting in location`s house.
second,we have a burdon that bros and sis have a desire to pursue the message of 2013winter training. Especially in bros` house and Sis` house.So we have two times to read this message with Bros.
last,we  touched some gospel`s friends through bros and sis.May the Lord strengthen his moving.
1,Prayer for the saints practicing church life in Gazipur
2.Raise up families in Dahka  for the Lord`s testimony

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