A Gospel-preaching Experience in High Desert ,SoCal

Gospel-preaching experience. I was coming from work on a Saturday from Phelan. And I noticed that I needed gasoline, but I didn’t want to stop in Phelan to get the fuel there. I had a sense to go to the gas station in Phelan anyway. When I stopped at the pump and got out, there was a man staring at me. He was big and looked like the military type. I was afraid of him, so I tried to avoid him. I went inside to pay, and when I got out to pump, the man was waiting for me. He was in between my car and the building entrance. When I saw him, I took a can of tear gas in my hand in case he would attack me. He looked at me intensely and asked what I have in my hand. I told him, “This is tear gas.” He said, “was I mean to you?” I said, “No.” I put back the tear gas into my pocket. I went to pass around him. He followed me and asked me if I was a priest. I didn’t answer, and he asked again louder, “ARE YOU A PRIEST?” I didn’t answer. When I was pumping the gas, he approached me and asked again, “ARE YOU A PRIEST?” (This whole time I was in my mind, but after he asked the third time, I turned to the Lord and asked Him, “Lord, do you want this man to be saved?” the Lord answered me, “Yes.” At that moment I was attached to the vine. I had the Lord’s authority.) I asked the man, “Do you believe in God?” He looked the other way and replied, “Well, yes.” Because I didn’t know what God is for him, I asked him again, “Do you believe in the Lord Jesus, He is God? The Bible says, if you believe in the Lord Jesus, you will be saved. Would you like to receive the Lord Jesus? Would you like to pray with me to receive the Lord Jesus?” When I said that, he grabbed my hand with his two hands. He closed his eyes. Then I told him, “The Bible also says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved. Repeat with me, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus (he began to repeat), Lord I believe in You. I receive You as my savior. Forgive my sins. Come in to my spirit.” He prayed with me all of this. I told him, “Now you’re saved!” He opened his eyes, but would still not release my hands. He then said, “I killed many people. But, they were all bad.” I told him, “when you and I believe in the Lord Jesus, He forgave all our sins.” He looked at me, and I could see that he unloaded a big burden. And there was peace in him. And then he let my hand go.