Lord’s table meeting on 4/27/2014 at Paris conference

Lord’s table meeting on 4/27/2014 at Paris conference 4/26-27 — in Paris, France.
This yearly francophone conference in Paris is getting bigger and bigger, and our enjoyment higher and higher. Last year, there were 260 participants, while this year 320 came from 12 different countries worldwide. Saints in France came from 16 different cities to attend this festival. We all appreciated the 4 messages revealing the basic and crucial truth about the Lord’s recovery (the general title of this conference). In the last meeting, some new ones eagerly asked when the conference will take place for next year. They obviously got the enjoyment we prayed for and also saw the Body matter through the blending of the brothers and sisters from all over the world who paid the price to be in Paris. Let’s pray that the vision they acquired from the speaking will control the rest of their Christian life; that no matter where they go, whether they are staying with us or at the end of their study they are returning to their own countries, they will continue to be functioning members to build up the universal Body of Christ.