A blending conference in Cleveland, Ohio

Dear saints:

We thank the Lord for the rich feast that we just had a few weeks ago, a blending conference in Ohio (April 25-

27th, 2014). There were over eight hundred saints that came for this time. Many came from out of state and

distant areas, such as, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Canada. We truly

appreciate the supply of the Body of Christ and for the support and prayers for the churches in Ohio. We also

sensed “A New Day Has Dawned” for the churches in Ohio, and we sang the following song (using the tune of “A

New Day Has Dawned”). The third day is the day of resurrection.

The glory of the Lord is coming out.

Hallelujah, the third day has come!

The third day has come

The saints are going on

All around us we can see

The divine reality

The general subject of the blending conference was “The Will of God and the Direction of the Lord’s

Move.” The will of God is that Christ would be everything and the cross would be the way to solve all of our

problems. The goal of God’s will, as well as the direction of the Lord’s move today, is that the Body of Christ would

be built up among the churches, as the organism of the Triune God for His full expression.

The second aspect of the direction of the Lord’s move today is to prepare the bride as the counterpart of

the Bridegroom for the eternal marriage of the redeeming God with His redeemed. The Lord’s recovery is for the

preparation of the bride of Christ, who is composed of all His overcomers. The third aspect of the direction of the

Lord’s move today is to bring in the kingdom of God as the spreading of the divine life for God’s eternal

administration in the fulfillment of His eternal economy.

How we thank the Lord for speaking to us in this blending conference. We would like to give ourselves

to cooperate with the One who operates in all of us for His will—for the building up of the Body of

Christ, for the preparing of the bride and for the bringing in of the kingdom of God.

Please find the audio files of the four messages that were given by brother Ron Kangas during the blending

conference by clicking on the link below. Please forward this message to the saints in your locality and beyond.


Thank You Lord, for doing superabundantly above all we asked or thought for the church in this

conference. To Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all the generations forever and

ever. AMEN!

In Him,

Serving brothers of the churches in Ohio

P.S. Please save the dates for “A Blending Conference in Ohio (2015)”: April 10-12th, 2015, at the Cleveland Airport

Marriott Hotel, 4277 West 150th

Street, Cleveland, OH 44135, 1(800)228-9290 or (216)252-5333