Please pray for Lords Move in Bulgaria and Macedonia

Dear saints,

We have recently returned to Athens from a very profitable, extended stay in London.  Prior to, and during our trip to London the Lord has been operating in many ways.  We’d like to share some of this with you for your prayers and consideration.

Our original plan when we went to London was to participate in the European Brothers Training and the International conference in April.  We were aware that during the conference there would be a group of saints coming for the first time from Petrich, Bulgaria a city near the northern border of Greece.  We had met some of these saints during the conference in Sofia, Bulgaria in October. During the conference we were able to spend much time with these dear ones.  They were very impressed by the speaking and the cherishing atmosphere of the conference.  Their response was such that four of the younger ones among them determined to return to participate in a one-week training in May.  During some fellowship following the conference, it seemed good that we should remain in London to be with them and another group of seven others from Sofia as they participated in the training. The Lord superabundantly blessed that one-week training. Many of them testified that they had never seen or heard anything like they did during this time and that they wanted to have the same thing in their localities.  Two of the young people have subsequently applied to the FTTL for the fall term.

Many months ago during one of our visits to our contacts in Thessaloniki, one of them suggested we rent an apartment to hold meetings and stay in whenever we came to see them.  Little did they know that this planted a seed that has led to much prayer and fellowship concerning this very matter.  In a subsequent visit, another contact flat-out told us that, “you need to move here.”  This called to mind the passage in Acts 16:9-10, for here was a certain Macedonian asking us to come and help them. With these interactions and with all that the Lord has been doing in Thessaloniki and Bulgaria, we sought out further fellowship with the brothers while we were in London. In light of this fellowship, we are now endeavoring to “go forth into Macedonia.”  We and another couple with their children will be moving to Thessaloniki this summer.  We were very impressed that in the verses, Paul saw the vision but the conclusion came from “we…concluding.”  It was a Body matter, and we definitely feel the same. We sense that we are motivated and supplied by the Head through His Body. We believe our being in Thessaloniki is part of the Lord’s strategic move to meet many needs in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and other countries in the Balkans. Saints, we are dependent on your prayers so please join us in praying for the following items:

·       That we would keep our love kindled toward the Lord, that we would always be fresh, new, and living with Him in every aspect of this move

·       The Lord would provide us with the right homes in the right places filled with the right ones for His testimony.

·       That every spiritual, physical, and economical need would be met

·       The Lord would maintain a line of supply, fellowship and blending between Athens and Thessaloniki

·       This move would lead to the re-establishing of the lampstand in Thessaloniki, and the establishing of His testimony in Sofia, Bulgaria and other cities throughout the Balkans

We feel, and often state, that we are the most blessed people on the earth.  We praise and worship the Lord that we can participate with Him in His move with all of you. May the Lord’s perfect will be done!

Serving ones,

R & J