Testimony of learning new language for gospel propagation – by Mercy

Dear saints,
I am really willing to share something about learning languages. I remembered one method that we should be in the language environment. So during this one week, I am listening the messages of life study. It is really helpful! At first I can only understand the meaning of a sentence, but now I can hear most of the words in a sentence, just one week!
While I am preparing food, I listen to the life study. While I am washing clothes, I listen to the life study. While I am blank in my mind, I just listen to it. The key is that we should pay attention to it.
I think the life study is so marvelous! It is American pronounciation and American intonation, and it runs fluently. We can also enjoy the Lord and learn how to express the word of ministry.  PRAISE THE LORD!
There are so many methods of learning languages, but if we just appreciate them, it is meaningless. The most important is to apply the methods, turn them into action. It is just one mehod that benefits me these days.
May everyone will make progress in language learning! May someone will benefit from this article, Amen!
Tomorrow is a new day. May tomorrow I will be more diligent! Everday is so precious, I have already waste so much time, but for the dear Lord, I must reedeem every minute and every second.