Recent update from the Church in Cam Ranh 越南

Praise the Lord for His truth motion vivid, powerful, fresh at Cam Ranh in these days. Through the practice of small groups (dynamic groups), the young saints come out to talk about God to bring their friends to the Father’s house (in the meetings of the church), making them feel warm, close, intimate, sweet and open their hearts to brothers and sisters in the church, open to God and receive His sins are forgiven, are reborn to become children of God, have eternal life, and is a part of the body of Christ. Ha-le-lu-home, praise the Lord!
You, you, you love Jesus, church welcome you, your church and the church should be your home, your family. Let’s stick with the church and with her step we build God’s church is increasingly strong, fresh and lively, full of love and blessings. May the Lord richly bless you.
Friday night 20/6, many young GROUP SESSION WITH SMALL GROUPS.
OUR LORD THROUGH THE SAME enjoy fresh new songs, the exciting;
THE RESULT OF SUCH hymns young people
touched by God’s Love,
Openness, sincere SIBLING IN CHURCH ALSO
MAKE YOU open to God and to each other.
GROUP AFTER YOUR WINGS heard the Gospel light.
Saturday afternoon, 21/6, the two got baptized
in the Name of JESUS ​​CHRIST
DEATH BY CONTRACT, selects, and close to the Lord is Risen;
beginning of a new lifestyle in Christ.
We are delighted because we have been saved …!
“HA-LE-LU-GIA, had been spared”
GOD and angels in heaven
on earth SAME CHURCH

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