University of Houston 2014 Fall Term Gospel and Truth Fourm

The brothers and students who attended the Seed Training of the church in Cerritos and the extension training in Houston came back with a positive burden to pray for the gospel move, especially to exercise synchronized prayer for the training meetings, gospel and seminars. After the training in Houston, the brothers decided to have a fixed time of prayer and fellowship every Lord’s Day afternoon (before and after the opening of classes) at a saint’s home beside the university campus, for the purpose of the campus gospel, truth seminar, and follow-up shepherding. For a few consecutive weeks, both the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking saints responded enthusiastically. Every Lord’s Day afternoon, more than ten people gathered to pray earnest and fighting prayers for the campus gospel. A very touching situation was the active participation of the working saints’ families in prayer and in fellowship and coordination for the gospel move.

Compared to previous years, more student-saints participated in the fellowship and prayer for the gospel move. The students were more zealous in motivation, and more spontaneous and meticulous in the coordination and management of the practical matters. In rendering their spiritual and practical functions, the students were the key to the success of these several gospel campaigns. In the church in Houston, a healthy atmosphere of “the students’ work being done by the students” is becoming more and more visible on campus.