Brief history of the Church in Taichung, Taiwan

Due to administrational adjustment of districts, the original eight districts and 21 counties, cities and towns of Taichung city and country were combined to become The New City with 29 districts. The original 18 churches also united to be one in 2011. More than 1.5 million people joined together (150 percent of its
original population); the number of the saints got increased about 700. Now The Church In Taichung has an average of 2,400+ attendance every Lord’s Day.
In this new beginning, all the resources of the churches got integrated for more challenging commitments. Before 2011, our 4 towns (Heping, Waipu, Daan, Shikang ) have no testimony there (at that time Heping already have Lord’s Table Meeting in Leshan), today all 29 districts are evangelized after one and half years of gospel propagation.
We continue to write God’s history among human race and bring in His Kingdom. Actually it is God’s history in human races, written by us who were born in human history, yet regenerated in Divine
Br. Newman Lin left here and started to serve in Church In New Taipei City in 2011. Afterwards, here served by Br. Chow Fu-Chou. This year from April, Br. Shu-Shoun Jien came to serve in Taichung to continue to write the Divine History with us.
Br. Chow helped us to expand our service coordination, serving ones got increased and the supporting capability of the church got strengthened. The PSRP meeting in the Lord’s Day evening was transferred to prayer service meeting in Tuesday evening. Based on the established basis, the speaking brothers in every big district won’t be lack. Immediately the attendance in prayer meeting almost got doubled. During these time in the Lord’s Day, the prophecy got strengthened, the establishment of the perfecting and edification, issue in a new atmosphere with new advancement here.
So far, under our administration, there has 4 big districts of shepherding to take care and motivate 9 small districts of shepherding (each includes 2 to 3 big districts). Now we are toward the way of the infrastructure of “Being separate but administrating together”. Currently we have 24 big districts, Lord’s Day meeting total average attendance around 2,500 saints.
Thank the Lord! Today we review the past 60 years of church history, here, we can see this is God’s wonderful history, in which we are also included. His history established our Christian life, eventually, much more, to accomplish His eternal economy, unto the building up of The New Jerusalem.