2014 Winter Training— Dec 22-27

2014 Winter Training—Information Sheet 1
I. General Information:
A. Place: Ministry Conference Center; Living Stream Ministry Campus
B. Dates: Monday, December 22, 2014, 4:00pm—Saturday, December 27, 2014, 9:30pm
C. Registration donation: There is a registration donation of $150.00 USD per trainee for
both domestic and international trainees.
D. The cost of the outlines for the live training is $5.00 USD.
All items required for registration must be turned in before or on November 1, 2014. All
requested information on the forms must be provided. If partial registration is received, your
registration will be considered incomplete and you will not be registered until we receive all
the required items and information. All registration requests after the due date, including
additions and substitutions, will be considered late and pending approval.
NEW: Any training registration received after the November 1 registration due date will
incur a $50.00 USD charge per trainee in addition to the required training donation.
Substitutions can be made up to two weeks before the start date of the semi-annual training.
After this time, the $50.00 late charge will apply to any substitutions. Furthermore, we will
not accept any walk-up registrations or substitutions on the first day of the semi-annual
Please take note of the training registration due date and plan accordingly when making
announcements to the saints, so that you will be able to send in your locality’s registration
information in a timely manner.
III. Registration Information:
A. Trainees must be between the ages of 17—60. If an exception is made for anyone over 60,
please do not request hospitality for that trainee. Young People: Attendance by young
people under the age of 17 is discouraged. Exceptional cases will be considered;
however, a Young People’s Registration Form from the elders in the sending locality
(including an elder’s letter of recommendation), in addition to prior attendance in a
minimum of one video training, is required for each applicant under the age of 17. Young
people who are 15 years old and under will not be accepted to the live training, please do
not apply. All those who are under 17 years old and who have been accepted to the
training will be expected to adhere to the same training requirements as all other trainees.
All underage trainees must be registered for the training full time; part time and shared
seats will not be allowed. Please note: The required Release of Liability Agreement must
be signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to LSM for each registrant under 18
years old. For those under 17 years old, the Young People’s Registration Form and the
Release of Liability must accompany their registration and they must be received on the
due date or they will be considered late.
B. There is a hospitality quota for those registering from the churches in the USA, Canada,
and Mexico. This quota corresponds with the number of hospitality spaces your locality
may occupy during this training. Borrowed spaces for hospitality will not be accepted. The
nearby churches have a seating quota.
2431 W. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, California 92801
C. Hospitality:
1. No additional hospitality spaces will be given above the number of your quota.
2. All those requesting hospitality must complete an enclosed hospitality card.
3. Hospitality will only be provided for domestic trainees (USA and Canada) who are 25
years of age and under. Hospitality for international trainees will be provided for those
who are 60 years of age and under.
4. For domestic trainees (USA and Canada), do not request hospitality for trainees over
25 years of age.
5. For international trainees, do not request hospitality for trainees over 60 years of age.
6. Do not request hospitality for any trainee who needs special care (including diet or
7. Do not request hospitality for children.
8. Keep the host updated on any hospitality changes.
9. Do not attempt to switch hospitality assignments.
10. Do not lend nor borrow hospitality spaces to or from other localities.
11. If, due to a cancellation, a hospitality substitution becomes necessary, be sure it is
brother for brother, or sister for sister. The substitute should know whom he/she is
replacing. Be sure to notify the host directly of a substitute or cancellation and how
this will affect car availability. It is best not to substitute for couples.
12. In making arrangements for air travel to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) or the Orange
County Airport (SNA) please plan your arrival during daylight hours.
D. If translation is needed, trainees must bring their own FM radio, earphones, and batteries.
E. To limit confusion, please assign one person to coordinate training registration from your
F. Please use the LSM online registration system to register. If a computer is not available,
please complete and return the enclosed forms by November 1, 2014. Mail, fax, or email
the forms early to ensure that they are received by the due date.
G. The registration donations ($150.00 USD per trainee) are to be sent in by November 1,