Update from the church in Myanmar

– FTTY meeting

– regional responsible brothers meeting

– serving ones meeting

– sisters meeting

– regional blending meeting with 5 churches in the greater Yangon area

The Lord has been and is still moving in Myanmar to gain His seekers and raising up chuches for the testimony of Jesus for the building up of the Body of Christ. Out of the 7 states and 7 divisions in Myanmar, there are still no lampstands in 2 states and 4 divisions. Currently, there are 47 chuches with around 2,400 saints. There are 65 full-time trainnes at FTTY. Recently, a new church was raised up in Tachileik which is near the border between Myanmar and Thailand. Formerly, the saints there were participating with the ”old church in Bangkok”. It seems the Lord is doing something in that whole area commonly known as the Golden Triangle (Myanmar, Thailand and Laos).

I met with the 2 full-time couples from China (Aquila and Pricilla, Andrew and Selah) as well as Ark (he will be married next year and his wife will join him in Myanmar). Their Burmese language is improving but only 1 shared in Burmese while the others spoke in Chinese or English in the various meetings. A few businessmen brothers from China have set up companies in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Newman Wang has found a new job in a different Chinese school in Mandalay. There is a definite possibility that all the current full-timers from China can work there for about 4-6 hours a week and be given work visas which entitle them to stay for a whole year without leaving the country every 3 months as is the current practice. At present, all 5 full-timers are under Noah’s wife’s company.

The serving brothers in Myanmar also felt that they can receive more full-timers from China in 2015. Noah’s wife has a company which can take up to 10 work visas for these ones from China in the future. This means that we could consider sending perhaps 4 couples to some other cities pending further fellwoship. This assumes that the current 5 plus Ark’s wife will be issued visas under the Chinese school in Mandalay. The local responsible brothers mentioned two possible places to consider: Myitkyina and Madupi.

The Korean speaking saints in Yangon have also started a Korean speaking meeting and some have been contacted and came to the LD meeting. From Nov 10-23, 6 FTTS trainees will be in Myanmar for a gospel trip and blending at the Internationa Blending Conference from Nov 21-23 in Mandalay.

May His move in Myanmar be unhindered for His glory.