The Full-time Training in Malabon (FTTM)

The Full-time Training in Malabon (FTTM) receives trainees from the Philippines as well as abroad. Christian believers from Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, China and Taiwan regularly participate in the training courses.

The Full-time training courses are conducted mainly in English language, while the short-term Nazarite training is conducted in Tagalog dialect.

There are currently fourteen training centers located around the world:

Malabon City, Philippines (1986); Taipei, Taiwan (1986); Anaheim, USA (1989); Moscow, Russia (1992); Hamilton, New Zealand (1993); Jakarta, Indonesia (1995); Seoul, Korea (1996); London, England (1997); Bangkok, Thailand; Subang Jaya, Malaysia (2000); Caacupe, Paraguay; Mexico City, Mexico (2001); Hong Kong (2003), China and Tokyo, Japan (2005) .