Take a look at BFA 2014 Year in Review

See how the Lord reached people in 2014! Take a look at our 2014 Year in Review at www.bfa.org/2014.

This year we saw the Lord reach the hungry hearts of people all across America with the free New Testament and books we give away. None of this would have been possible without your prayers and generous support.

This past year BfA witnessed people searching for God and for the ministry that opens their understanding of His Word. In 2014, BfA gave away 105,700 copies of the New Testament Recovery Version and 505,500 copies of ministry books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. The number of blog subscribers grew by over 6,000. Two YouTube gospel videos reached over 100,000 views this year, and a new video Assurance of Salvation: How You Can Know You Are Saved reached over 185,000 views on Facebook in its first two weeks.  Pray that the Lord would work in all those who received materials, visited the BfA website, read the blog, and watched the videos this year that they would continue to hunger for the Word of God and gain a taste for the ministry that opens the Word that they would be brought further into the experience of Christ and into the realization of His purpose.