Pray for more young ones to join the FTT in Caacupe

January 24
We contacted 6 young ones, 1 prayed, visited 1 family, and had one mini young people conference. In the
morning time we had coordination time with brothers at Pilar for YP fellowship time at night.
Night time we had YP fellowship time topic on “A pattern of a person used by God turn the age” from
Daniel crystallization study. All the members from team 1 shared, we talked about how Daniel and his
companions set their hearts not to eat idol food but eat Christ because we are what we eat, and we
worked in one accord with the local saints to encourage young ones to be the age turner like Daniel and
go to the training in Caacupe to pursue the lord with companions.

January 25
Lords table in Pilar,

January 26
We headed back to Asuncion in the morning, these three days we experienced that the local saints really
poured out what they had to us, and their genuine care for us is our pattern in our service in the future.

Prayer burdens:
• May the gospel be preached all over South America.
• May many young ones would can to the training in Caacupe. There are around 120 spaces but
only 40 some trainees in Paraguay from 16 central and South American countries.
• That a recently engaged couple, hopefully, would put into their consideration and come to the training in Caacupe.
• That the young people in Pilar would become gospel seeds in their schools