Gospel trip to Santa Rosa/Novato, CA

Santa Rosa/Novato, CA
January 28
Praise the Lord two students joined us for a short Bible study today at Sonoma State University (SSU)!
One of them is a very genuine seeker and he is currently a senior at SSU. We also had an appointment
with a Catholic girl who received a Bible on Monday. She is very interested in reading the Bible and we
scheduled a Bible study with here tomorrow. As of today we have 61 people who are open for further
contacts and many are interested in reading the Bible. The general feelings of the saints is that the
harvest is great at SSU but the workers few. May the Lord gain some core ones during this gospel trip
and continually supply all the local saints.
We revisited the three young men (two current students and one recently graduated) who live blocks
away from the saints’ house. Although none of them were home, the Lord sovereignly arranged us to
meet with their other roommate, and now we’ve met all the four students in this house. We invited them
for dinner at the saints’ house and the team plan to introduce them to some young trainee
brothers tomorrow. May the Lord truly warm their heats and gain these group of young men!
Statistics: 1474 Tracts/Free Bible offers, 112 Bibles/Rhema sets, 193 contacts, 16 prayed/saved, 6
appointments, 5 visitation
Prayer burdens:
 The Lord will gain 5 core students and 15 solid contacts by the end of the gospel trip, that these
students will enjoy and remain in the church life and be captured by a controlling vision of God’s
 Tomorrow is the club fair of SSU. Please pray for many students to be draw by the Lord. We will have
a college meeting this Friday night and continue the on-spot 20 minutes Bible studies every weekday.
Please pray that the Lord will supply each trainees and serving ones abundantly, and release many
seekers to join and see His heart desire.
 Please pray that the Lord would burden some young saints, families, and serving ones to move to this
white field.

Santa Rosa/Novato, CA
January 24
Praise the Lord our team has arrived Santa Rosa/Novato area this afternoon! We have nine trainees on
this team. In addition, there are around eight full timers and more than thirty local saints from Berkeley
and San Francisco area plan to join us partially during our two-week stay. There are three campuses in
this area: Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa Junior College, and College of Marin. Although the saints
currently have some contacts in each of these campuses, the main burden during these two weeks is
Sonoma State University.
This evening we had dinner with some local saints at a house right next to the gate of the Sonoma State
University. We were all very impressed by how wonderfully the Lord has prepared this place for the
church life in the past few months. The location and the structure of the house are very convenient to
have students over. Currently there is a core family and one student living in this house. The saints have
registered a bible club and plan to have bible studies at Sonoma State University throughout the
Prayer burdens:
 The Lord will gain five core students and fifteen solid contacts who will remain in the church life
and enjoy the bible studies during this semester
 The coordination among the local saints, the serving ones and the trainees (there will be a kickoff
meeting tomorrow evening after the Lord’s table meeting)
 The Lord will burden some young families to migrate to this area