Gospel move to Dublin, Ireland

January 29
Praise the Lord for such a grand day of sowing and enjoying His rich supply of grace! We first started by
coming together at our usual coordination home to discuss what our experiences have been thus far in
contacting the Irish. By the end of our fellowship we prayed and went on campus to start distributing
Bibles to the students. During this time each of us on the team experienced different encounters of the
Lord’s moving in the people’s hearts here. There was one experience with a student who was not
interested with religion or what the brothers had to say. The brothers informed him that the Lord is also
disinterested with religion and in fact wants us to just be interested in Him by experiencing Him by calling
on His name. By telling him this, he responded by following the brothers to call on the Lord and receive
the Lord. Later on, the same brothers approached another student who also was disinterested with
religion and was in rush to get to class but didn’t know where it was. Fortunately one of the brothers who
was speaking to him was also a student there and was able to guide him where his class was which was
also to afford the brothers to impart more Christ to him until he was open to receive a Bible from them.
Tonight we had a college age meeting on campus which started by everyone coming for dinner. At some
point some of the students started to play ping pong in the connecting room which caused the
environment to become relaxed and open. About an hour after we ate everyone came together to sing
some songs. There seemed to be a particular theme of the songs that were chosen since most of them
dealt with God’s desire to be saturated and mingled with man by making His home in man’s heart. The
time became especially sweet when the group sang the song “Mary poured out her love offering.” As we
were singing the atmosphere became very sweet and sobering. Even at one point a student security
officer came in to check out what we were doing and seemed to be enjoying the song with us by listening.
It was right after this song that the group became very conscientious about the content that we were
singing and which issued forth two great testimonies that supported this sobering effect. When the time
became a little uncomfortable we transitioned into the reading “Assurance, Security and Joy of Salvation.”
As we were reading the same student officer came back to listen again and seemed even more interested
into what we were reading than when we were singing. When the time came for us to end the meeting we
later found out that he was also a Christian who never heard fellow believers enjoy the Lord as we were
Prayer burdens:
 The Lord would continue to bless the labor on UCD campus by having more students who would be
open to reconnect with the saints laboring there and that the Bible study club would be permitted by
the administration.
 Follow-up with the students who received the Bibles would be made and that there would be more
homes to properly shepherd and care for them.

January 25
Today after having the table and prophesying meeting with the church in Dublin we lingered for close to 2
hours fellowshipping and blending with the saints and new ones who came to meet for the first time. It
was so sweet and enjoyable to blend and discuss our personal experiences and enjoyments of Christ
with each other. The new ones enjoyed it so much that they wanted to join and help with showing us
around downtown. Not that long in our tour that some of us were even able to discuss with them further
about some key items of the faith and truths of the Bible that they became well aware that we were not
part of any religious activities but a real experience of the living person named Jesus Christ.
At the end of our tour we met up to wait for two brothers in a coffee place to rest a little bit. During our
wait, some of us were able to continue to converse with the new ones to the extent that they were asking
for more details about the Bible and their human spirit. By the end of our time together they were so
disheartened that they could not continue to talk with us but were very encouraged to see us again later
on the week or next Lord’s Day. In particularly a new believer brother was very seeking for a study Bible
from us and wants to get together with the saints to study it.
Later today we came together with some of the brothers and discussed the activities for the week. During
our coordination we found out that at the moment there is not a club yet. On Thursday they will be
attempting to get a list of names from the student contacts that they have at the current time to submit it
to a particular school organization that will allow them to form a Bible study club on University College
Dublin (UCD). They need 30 names to submit the request but at the moment they have around 20.
Prayer burdens:
• The seeking new believer brother and the other new ones would be added into the church life
here in Dublin and that they would be provided the proper shepherding to be fed with the Word of God
• The students at UCD would be able to get the proper number of signatures to get the Bible study
club on campus so that there would be a way to feed so many of the seeking Irish vessels
• That the team would have the proper wisdom and revelation to speak the healthy teaching to the
people here that would touch their hearts