Report on Seminars in Scotland — 8 Feb. through 1 Mar. 2015

From 8 February through 1 March the saints in Scotland held a series of Life-study seminars for the local radio
listeners and the Recovery Version and Rhema recipients.
Seminar in Edinburgh — 8 February
A total of 50 attended this seminar, of whom 5 were brand new, 10 have been with us less than 6 months, and 3
asked for home Bible studies.
Seminar in Stirling — 15 February
Our second seminar was held in Stirling, a town of 50,000 people located midway between Edinburgh and
Glasgow. We hope to establish a lampstand in this town in the near future. A total of 43 attended this seminar.
The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming, and we believe the Lord really blessed the harmonious
coordination between all the saints. Among the attendees, 12 (5 from Stirling) have been meeting with us for less
than 6 months, 2 were brand new, and both of these requested home Bible studies. After the seminar many of
the new ones lingered to enjoy further fellowship with us. They did not leave until the venue closed, and some of
them invited our saints into their homes for dinner that evening!
Seminar in Glasgow — 22 February
A total of 51 attended the seminar in Glasgow, with 21 new ones, including 11 who were brand new to any
meeting, and 10 who have been meeting us within the past 6 months. 7 indicated that they would like to have a
Bible study in their home or in the area. One of the new ones in attendance said, “I enjoyed the Bible message; it
was amazing.” Some new ones brought their friends and family, and we thank the Lord that He brought 2 families
to this seminar in answer to our specific prayers for gaining local families!
Simultaneous Seminars in Edinburgh and Glasgow — 1 March
A total of 20 people attended the seminar in Edinburgh. This number included 6 new ones, of whom 4 had come
to the previous seminar and 2 had come for the first time.
The attendance at the seminar in Glasgow was 35. There were 16 new ones, including 10 brand new ones, and 6
who have been meeting for 6 months or less. 5 of the new ones who attended requested a Bible study in their
During the entire period we sensed the blessing of the Lord on all the seminars, and we also sensed that we were
being borne and supplied by the prayers of the saints in the Body.
Please pray for the Lord’s move in Scotland:
• That the Lord will establish all the new ones who are having home Bible studies and will add them to the
churches here.
• That a golden shining lampstand will be established in Stirling in the near future. In Stirling all the ones
who attended the seminar are having a home meeting at least once a week.
• That in the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow the Lord will gain local families who have been captured by
the vision of the Lord’s recovery and who can bear the responsibility of the Lord’s testimony in these
Praise the Lord!
The saints in Scotland