To meet the increasing demand in Europe and Latin America

To meet the need of perfecting through training, full-time trainings have been established in Moscow (1992), London (1997), and Mexico City (2002) with LME’s continued support.   Through these trainings hundreds of seeking ones who have been perfected in life, truth, and service to become functioning members of the Body.  The number of trainees who have passed through the three trainings is shown in the table below.

Training Centers      Trainees    Graduates    Full-timers
Moscow                   641            384               108London                      60              38                 28

Mexico City               35                6                   1

TOTALS                 736            428               137

These trainings have been greatly blessed by the Lord and used by Him to uplift and strengthen His testimony in the churches and to raise up additional full-time workers.  Approximately one-third of the graduates have gone on to serve the Lord full-time in their respective regions.

The perfecting of the saints through training requires both trainers and adequate training facilities.  To meet the increasing demand in Europe, a training facility has recently been acquired. in the countryside just outside of London.  This property, called Heckfield Place, will soon house the expanding Full-time Training in London, which serves all Europe.  May the Lord bless this property for the sake of his move in Europe, using it for the care and shepherding of His seekers, the perfecting of the saints, and the building up of His Body.

In Mexico City the need for co-workers and a facility is also pressing.  Work continues on a new training center well located for the Lord’s move there.  However, the need for many more laborers throughout Latin America is critical.

As we review the history of the Lord’s recovery over the past decade, the importance of the Lord’s Move to Europe cannot be underestimated.  Without support for saints to serve in all of these places, our work cannot endure.  At present, the need for the financial support of LME in all of its endeavors is between 3.5 and 4 million dollars per year.  Giving by the saints in recent years has averaged around 3 million dollars per year.  Of this amount, the majority has been supplied by the churches from which the co-workers have migrated.  However, a significant fraction, about 40% has come from the giving of other churches and saints around the world.  This underscores the crucial need of the continued regular and faithful giving of the churches and the saints to support the Lord’s move through LME.

What the Lord has done and is doing through His Body for the spreading of His testimony around the globe is truly worthy of our praise.  As the Lord has entrusted us with the propagation of the divine truths in the New Testament ministry for His recovery and restoration, let us look to Him in faith to meet every need in carrying out this great commission.

Those burdened to give to the Lord’s Move to Europe can do so either by check or by bank wire transfer.

Checks can be mailed to:

The Church in Anaheim/LME  P.O. Box 9107  Anaheim, CA 92812.

Wire transfers can be sent to:

United California Bank, Branch 211  619 South Brookhurst Street  Anaheim, CA 92804.  Telephone:  714- 533-8440  Routing #122003516  Beneficiary:  The Church in Anaheim/LME  Account #2119-02778