Giving to Support the Gospel Work in Europe & 2016 Germany Follow-up Gospel Trips Proposal “給出去”支持歐洲福音工作及二〇一六年德國後續福音之旅建議

         Giving to Support the Gospel Work in Europe

The gospel work in Europe, including the work among the refugees, is being carried out in a coordinated way through three main entities:

  1. Living Stream Ministry (LSM) produces gospel and ministry materials in Arabic, Farsi, and European languages to contact and nourish the seeking ones.
  2. Rhema Literature Distributors (Rhema) ─ conducts free mass distribution of gospel and ministry materials.
  3. Lord’s Move to Europe (LME) ─ provides financial support for those who serve full time in Europe and for other expenses related to the carrying out of the gospel work in Europe. In conjunction with LME, Amana Trust in London coordinates the work related to the person – to person contacting and shepherding of seeking ones in Europe.

Churches and saints who desire to give to support the specific aspects of the work related to LSM, Rhema, and LME can use the following instructions (please designate each gift as indicated):

To give to LSM (designate your gift for “Refugee Language Work”)

  1. By mail─make your check payable to Living Stream Ministry and mail to:

             Living Stream Ministry

            2431 W. La Palma Ave.

           Anaheim, CA 92801 USA

  1. By bank wire ─ send an email to for instructions.
  2. By credit card ─ credit card donations can be made only by telephone, by calling (714) 991- 4681.

To give to Rhema (designate your gift for “MyFreedom Project”)

  1. By mail─ make your check payable to “Rhema” and mail to:


          P.O. Box 31651

         Seattle WA 98103-1651


  1. By bank wire ─ send an email to for instructions.
  2. By PayPal ─ coming soon; email in mid-January for updated information

To give to LME (designate your gift for “European Gospel Work”)

In your Web browser go to and follow instructions on how to give by mail, bank transfer, or online by credit card or ACH transfer.     

        2016 Germany Follow-up Gospel Trips Proposal 


The purpose of this document is to propose a practical way to care for the refugees migrating to Germany and to strengthen the Lord’s testimony in Germany.


The focus of the work is in four key German cities:

     ‧ Berlin

     ‧ Düsseldorf

     ‧ Frankfurt

     ‧ Stuttgart


  1. Build up the local churches by bringing the local saints into function.
  2. Initiate contact with the refugees, shepherd existing refugee contacts, and identify and develop the key refugee contacts.
  3. Be a receiving base for the saints who come on the gospel trips and give them a taste for the Lord’s move in Europe.
  4. Gain local Germans through distributing the German New Testament Recovery Version.

Migration to Germany

We expect that approximately twenty saints will migrate to the four cities in Germany by 18th January 2016, with five saints per city. These teams of saints will become a base for shepherding the refugees and Bible recipients and will be in place to receive the saints who participate in the gospel trips. In addition, these migrating saints will help provide the continuity in shepherding the newly contacted refugees and Bible recipients.

Follow-up Gospel Trips to Germany

All the saints will be required to come to London, Bower House, for training, coordination and fellowship.

Arrival and Departure

Saints who want to join a gospel trip to Germany will arrive in London on Lord’s Day and leave fourteen days later on Saturday from Germany back to their own homes.

Training and Coordination

In London the saints will have a one-day training at Bower House on Monday, where we will fellowship concerning how to follow up with the refugees and distribute Bibles. The next day (Tuesday), the saints will travel to one of the four designated cities in Germany. Every morning they will have three hours of prayer, training, fellowship and coordination together with the local serving team, including spending time in the ministry. In the afternoon they will be sent out to care for refugees and participate in Bible distributions.


Gospel trips will begin on 14th February 2016 and will last for two weeks. There will be a one week break and then another trip will commence. The one week break will provide the local serving saints with an opportunity to review the previous gospel trip, plan for the next gospel trip, and take care of practical matters, while providing continuity in shepherding the key new contacts. Dates would be as follows:

Trip 1: 14 February 2016─27 February 2016

Trip 2: 6 March 2016─19 March 2016

Trip 3: 27 March 2016─9 April 2016

Trip 4: 17 April 2016─30 April 2016

Trip 5: 8 May 2016─21 May 2016

Trip 6: 29 May 2016─11 June 2016

Trip 7: 19 June 2016─1 July 2016

Gospel Trip Activities

Saints on the gospel trips will be grouped into small teams. Each day during coordination the teams will be assigned to either visit refugee accommodation places or be sent to a particular location to distribute Bibles. These locations will have been researched and verified beforehand to confirm that they are suitable for the saints to visit. Emphasis will be placed on visiting the refugees.


We thank the Lord for granting us such an opportunity as this to cooperate with Him for His move. May He gain the testimony He needs and desires in Germany, in Europe, and among the Arabic-speaking and Farsi-speaking seeking ones.

For further information please email: