LMA 二〇一六年三月份通訊(中英双语版)LMA Newsletter—March 2016 (English-Chinese Version)






In August, 2015, Myanmar was hit by the most devastating flood in 40 years and the whole country was severely affected. The saints prayed desperately, and some gospel friends gradually opened up and were saved eventually. There was also a one-week gospel propagation in Mandalay in February, 2016. The Lord poured out His blessing upon the saints’ one accord. May the Lord continue to move in this Buddhist country and manifest His seekers.

Some saints in Vietnam began to propagate in the southern city of My Tho in 2014. In the beginning people were not open. But the Lord prepared some young seeking families, who eventually were gained by the Lord one by one. The church in My Tho began breaking bread on March 6 this year.

Through much prayer by the saints, the first National Young People’s Training in Sri Lanka was held at the end of 2015. May the Lord gain more of His loving young people in Sri Lanka to become the age turners.

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