Report of 2016 Semiannual Southeast American Responsible Brothers’ Meeting 二〇一六年美国东南部半年一次负责弟兄聚会报道

The 2016 semiannual Southeast responsible brothers meeting was held on June 4 in Jacksonville, Florida. Over 80 brothers from Southeast states participated in the meeting.

The burdens may be summarized as follows:
1) There is an on-going need to strengthen the efforts in wisely selecting and recommending potential applicants for the Full-time Training in Anaheim.
2) The building up of the church as the Body of Christ is the increase of Christ in the believers, and this increase is their growth in life. (Message Six, 2016 Memorial Day Conference)
3) The training of elders needs more fellowship.
4) Brothers should begin fellowshipping with serving ones to allow them time to complete the requirements before registering for the young people’s work conferences, training and background check, beginning October 2016, for the church to take adequate action to prevent a serious breach of trust by allowing someone to serve who may harm the children and young people.
5) The first Lord’s table meeting of the church in Kennesaw, Georgia, will be held on June 26, 2016.
6) Watch the deadline to register the Southeast College Training.
7) Pray for the radio broadcasting listeners seminar going to be held in Athens, Georgia.
8) There is a need to coordinate and fellowship in order to have better young people services during Labor Day Conference held in Jacksonville, Florida.
9) Keep praying for the increase in Augusta, Georgia.
10) Encourage the campus serving ones in Knoxville, Tennessee.
via – Mike Lee

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